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Because I care about my home and the country

Siegfried Lorek has been a member of the state parliament for the Waiblingen constituency since 2016. In March 2021, the state parliamentary election took place in Baden-Württemberg and Siegfried Lorek ran again in his home constituency.


Despite being firmly rooted in his own constituency, the candidate was confronted with an underlying mood that was not an ideal starting point for the CDU, for which Lorek was running. In the election campaign, therefore, it was a matter of convincing the candidate personally and in terms of content, while at the same time attracting attention with creative ideas and further raising his own profile.

What we achieved

Corona-related, campaign activities had to be focused on non-contact encounters, which made it much more difficult to build personal relationships. The basis for an intensive citizen dialog was digital communication formats, which were advertised across the board in the form of postal mailings. To increase the number of individual and personal “TouchPoints,” the digital formats were accompanied by an intensive door-to-door campaign and classic campaign elements. The entire advertising line was characterized by likeable imagery that ran through the website, print products, giveaways and video spots. The look and feel was specifically developed to not only make the candidate stand out, but at the same time convey him and his issues impressively and convincingly.