Competent. Committed. Close.

Photo & Video

The experienced administrative expert and politically committed young mother ran for the German Bundestag in the Waiblingen constituency in autumn 2021.

In a very short time, a professional internet presence was needed that could be effortlessly integrated into the overall campaign, adapted the specifications of the existing corporate design and at the same time left enough room to set individual accents. An additional focus was on linking with the social media activities as well as professional videography.

We Achieved

With a modern, responsive site, we created a website that focused on Christina Stumpp as a person during the election campaign, communicated her political goals and dates, and offered a comprehensive dialogue. At the same time, the website functioned as a central information platform to which all other promotional activities referred. In order to successfully place the candidate on all online channels, an election campaign video was produced that used strong imagery to convey a very personal and convincing impression of the candidate. All online instruments and measures were embedded in a close strategic support in order to always ensure the right approach conceptually, daily and target group-specific.