Senioren Union Baden-Württemberg

The Seniors’ Union is an association within the CDU that is dedicated to senior citizens’ and socio-political topics and issues.

Today, a modern, clear and easy-to-navigate website is essential for efficient association work. Both externally and internally, a website is now the central hub for successful communication. On the one hand, a website is the starting point for disseminating information to the public and interested parties. On the other hand, it is the basis for internal communication with members, elected representatives and functionaries and the district associations.

What we achieved.

We have created a new website for the Senioren Union Baden-Württemberg that fulfils the most modern requirements today and will meet future developments – both in the front end and the back end. Even without in-depth knowledge of website programming, operation and maintenance are intuitive.

The new website fulfils the special requirements of data protection, accessibility, intuitive navigation and use on various mobile devices.

As an agency, we also offer a comprehensive support service for users and regularly adapt the website to changing technical and legal conditions.